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We deal in manufacturing of

Dummy EVM Machines


Loksabha Elections 2019

, which you can use to educate your voters to vote for your symbol or name or number.

Dummy voting machine
Dummy EVM
is the low cost solution for election campaign to educate the voters to cast their vote right.

Dummy Electronic Voting Machine
is a low cost answer for exhibition/demonstration of voting to candidates. It helps in Evading the disarray of voter, mis-step in voting & other common voting mistakes. The most important advantage of taking dummy evm is that you can propagate to your voters the ballot number to press as well as it even avoids confusion in the minds of the voters. More imporatantly, it serves as a tool for education and encouraging voters to vote.

Advantages of Dummy EVM

  • 1

    Give you added advantage against your competitors

  • 2

    It reflects red light on red mark also on pressing button

  • 3

    Once candidate is allotted the number he can put his name and symbol against his number send among the public through booth workers First Voter , Woman Voter will not be confused on poll day after seeing it

  • 4

    Low Cost solutions

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